Institutional computing began at Hollins in the early 1980’s, when the University received a grant from IBM Corporation to open the first computer resource center. The center contained sixteen IBM personal computers with dual disk drives (no hard drives), a monochrome monitor, and only twenty megabytes of storage space.

Information Technology at Hollins has come a long way since then! There are now over 100 public computers available on campus, both Mac and PC, the University is fully networked, allowing students and faculty to access network services from almost anywhere on campus.

We have wireless networking available in every academic building and dormitory. In addition, the Information Technology department provides support for many different software applications, maintains and updates hardware, and offers training on a variety of platforms.

Computers and technology are integral parts of the Hollins University educational experience. Whether they are using word processing to write a paper, viewing and editing digital images, or accessing Internet-based resources, students and faculty use computers and technology to further their studies and research.

Students can access course information through Moodle, or register for classes and see grade information online. The administration uses computer systems to schedule classes, report grades, pay bills, and maintain the infrastructure of the campus. An electronic card catalog and searching system in the library open a new avenue for research while a campus-wide voice mail system keeps everyone in touch with everyone else.