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In an effort to get all documentation in an easy to read format we have developed this website for our Administrative system users.  Please feel free to let us know how we can improve our site to give you the information you need to do your jobs.

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The Ellucian Banner technology solution provides the administrative staff of Hollins University the means by which to conduct business.  Banner is comprised of seven systems:

  • Alumni
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Financial Aid
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Position Control
  • Student

These systems provide a graphical user interface for the Oracle Relational Database Management System.  The Oracle database resides on an Intel Dell server running Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Banner History at Hollins University

Banner was first implemented in September of 1992 with the Student system. Originally, we ran Banner on character-based VT terminals connected to a DECstation 5240 running Ultrix, quickly
upgraded to a DECstation 5260 (via a CPU upgrade) and 128MB of memory.  In the summer of 1999, Hollins upgraded to Banner 3.x, an entirely GUI-based version.  Banner 8.x is our current version.

Banner Coordinators

The Banner Coordinators advisory group began prior to the arrival of Banner.  Each department on campus chooses a representative to express their particular needs/concerns in relation to the Banner system and their data.  The Banner Coordinators have become a valuable liaison between the user community and Information Services.  The group meets on the first Wednesday of every month.

Banner Coordinators Members

The members consist of the following representatives from each functional area of the University.  Additional members may be added as needed by functional areas upon request to the Banner Coordinators. Administrative System resources available at monthly Banner Coordinator’s meetings is as follows: ·

  • Beverley Witt— Associate Director, Enterprise Systems
  • Debbie Nelson—Jr DBA, Enterprise Systems Manager
 Module Name Banner Coordinator Department
Student Janice Bishop Registrar
Student Madeline Aliff Admissions
Financial Aid Mary Jean Sullivan, Beverlee Davis Financial Aid
Finance Stephanie Honts, Pace Martin Finance
Accounts Receivable Vicki Finnigan Finance
Human Resources Alicia Godzwa Human Resources
Alumni Karen Chocklett Alumnae Relations & Development
Student/Alum Amber Becke Career Development
Student Cathy Koon, Dawn Barnett Graduate Studies
Student Melissa Hine Student Affairs

This elite group of dedicated individuals from the staff at Hollins are known as our Banner Coordinators. We meet the first Wednesday of each month and were created to ensure consistency, integrity, and inter-operability of the Banner system data used by all systems including:  Alumni/Development, Finance, Human Resources, Financial Aid, and Student.

Procedure:   The Banner Coordinator will make recommendations to the administrative programmer analysts related to data in, information about, and issues related to the Banner system data that affect more than one administrative area.  The administrative programmer analysts will open for discussion these recommendations at the monthly Banner Coordinator’s meeting.