Normally, when a Zoom meeting finishes, if you have elected to record the meeting on your computer, then it will automatically convert to an .mp4 file that you can view. Sometimes this process can fail and instead of an .mp4 file, you will see a file titled “double_click_to_convert_**.zoom”. If the icon for the file is white and it does not convert when you double-click the file, these steps will help you resume the failed conversion and get access to the .mp4 file so you can post it to YouTube or otherwise make it available to your students.

Right-click the ‘double_click_to_convert_**.zoom’ file and select ‘open with’.

Click ‘more apps’.

Scroll down to ‘Look for another app on this PC’ and click it.

Browse to: C:\Users\*YOURACCOUNTNAME*\AppData\Roaming\Zoom\bin and select zTscoder.exe and click ‘open’.

Double-click the ‘double_click_to_convert_**.zoom’ file and it will begin converting.