Written Tutorial on Integrating Moodle and Zoom:

1. Create a free Zoom account with your Hollins email address at: https://zoom.us/

2. Log into the Hollins Moodle server and access the course where you want to use Zoom.

3. Go to the section/topic of your Moodle course where you would like to add the Zoom link and click on ‘Add an activity or resource’.

4. Select ‘External tool’ and click ‘Add’.

5. Enter something for ‘Activity name’, select ‘Zoom Video Conferencing’ from the ‘Preconfigured tool’ drop down menu, and then click ‘Save and return to course’.

5. You have now successfully added Zoom functionality to your Moodle course!

Now that you have added Zoom to your Moodle course, click on the Zoom activity to schedule a meeting or setup your personal meeting room. Students will be able to see and join scheduled meetings when they click on the Zoom activity. You can also copy the invitation link when you schedule a meeting and distribute that to students either through a Moodle announcement or traditional email.