The Hollins University Moodle server can be found at: The video playlist linked below is an excellent resource for general Moodle usage, and the two following sections “Creating a Course in Moodle” and “Enrolling Students Into Your Moodle Course” are more specific to Hollins.

Creating a Course in Moodle

You need to request a course before it will appear on your Moodle dashboard. To request a course, please visit the Hollins Moodle server: and select the “Faculty Course Request” form from the top of the page.

Enrolling Students into your Moodle Course

You need to manually enroll your students into your new Moodle course.

Enter the Moodle course where you wish to enroll students and click on “Participants” from the left menu:

Click the “Enroll Users” button:

Type the name of the student you want to enroll in search box. You can search by first name, last name, or first and last name. When the correct name appears, click it to add that student to the list of students to be enrolled:

You will notice each name will appear in blue as a selected user after you click them. When you are done finding your entire roster, click “Enroll users”:

To unenroll a student, go to the “Participants” screen and click the trash can icon in the far right column:

You will be prompted for confirmation, and afterwards the student will be unenrolled:

YouTube Tutorials

The official Moodle YouTube channel has a playlist of 32 short videos that cover all of the important Moodle features and how to use them: