New and Returning Student Quick Guide

Getting Ready for Campus:

This section is meant to provide a quick resource to some of the steps you might want to perform before arriving on campus in the fall. For more details on some of these items, please see the sections below.

Hollins University SafeConnect Device Enrollment

You will need to authenticate with SafeConnect to use your computer on campus. Please use the documentation above to explain the process.

All Windows-based PCs will require anti-virus software to connect to the Hollins network. Please make sure you have a current, active anti-virus program installed on your PC before coming to campus.

Computer Requirements:

While all students are welcome to bring either a PC or a Mac, there are some requirements that must be met before a computer can be registered and used on the Hollins Network.

Please note: Many new mobile devices or small laptops such as netbooks, iPads, or other tablets do not run full versions of the operating sytem. While it will be possible to have very basic internet connectivity with these devices, they will not provide full access to all Hollins network resources and are NOT recommended as a student’s primary computer. Also, in most cases the Help Desk will not provide any support for devices other than laptop and desktop computers.

Operating System:

Hollins requires Windows 10 on all PCs coming to campus.

All Apple computers on campus must have at least MacOS 10.10.

Additional Software:

While Microsoft Office is available for students to use on all public Hollins computers, many students will want to have access to Office on their own personal computers. Microsoft Office and some other frequently used programs are available through our partner JourneyEd at:

Purchasing a computer:

Hollins has teamed up with both Dell and Apple to provide students with a great educational discount on new computers! You can access the two promotional sites from the links below:

Dell Discount Site

Apple Discount Site

Non-computer Electronics on the Network:

We realize that there are many devices students use to access the internet besides just their computers. You are welcome to bring your gaming devices, smart TVs, or other internet-enabled devices.

Please note that while these devices are allowed, our network security requires that the student provide the Help Desk with the product’s MAC address. Please consult your device’s owner’s manual if you need help finding the MAC address.

Click Here to Register Your Network Device