PaperCut User Portal

PaperCut Login for Hollins University

  • Check your balance
  • Add a pre-paid card
  • View your print history
  • “WebPrint” which allows you to print from any device.

Using Hollins Printers from Personal Devices:

There are two ways to print from personal devices: WebPrint or the Mobility Print client (by PaperCut).

You can use WebPrint from any device by signing into PaperCut Login for Hollins University and selecting WebPrint from the menu on the left.

MobilityPrint is available at the following link:

Please note that the printers are only available while physically on campus.


Students will select a print queue, rather than a printer when printing to Hollins printers. After installing PaperCut, students will have access to these two ‘follow-me’ print queues:


Since most print jobs are grayscale (black and white), the ‘Student_grayscale’ queue should be the default choice.

The ‘Student_color’ print queue should only be used when color printing is required. Using the ‘Student_color’ queue, even for documents with no color, will result in more expensive color charges.

The following printers are available for student use:

• Dana 117
• Dana 2nd Floor Lobby
• Library 2nd Floor
• Library 3rd Floor
• Pleasants 204
• Library Coffee Commons (Color)*
• Moody SGA (Color)*
• VAC 1st Floor (Color)*

*Please note, the only general-use color printers for student use are in the Coffee Commons on the first floor of the library, the first floor of the VAC, and in the SGA office in the Moody Student Center.

Students can release their print documents by touching their Hollins ID to the card scanner on the printer or by signing in with their username and password. There is a one-time setup required to sign into the printers with a Hollins ID card. When a student first scans a Hollins ID card it will ask them to sign in with their Hollins username and password.


All students will begin each academic year with a $10 credit on their printing account and will be billed for each print at the following rates:

Grayscale Single-Sided: $0.02
Grayscale Duplex:  $0.01 (50% discount)
Color Single-Sided: $0.08
Color Duplex: $0.04 (50% discount)

Students are incentivized to print duplex (both sides of the page) with a 50% discount because it reduces paper waste. Here is how the print costs for a 10-page Word document compare from 2020-2021 to 2021-2022:

2020-2021 2021-2022
Grayscale Duplex (5 sheets) $0.10 $0.10
Grayscale (10 sheets) $0.10 $0.20
Color Duplex (5 sheets) $0.60 $0.40
Color (10 sheets) $0.60 $0.80


If a student uses their entire $10 balance, then they must purchase a pre-paid card (available in the Mailroom in Botetourt Hall) and redeem the unique code at to continue printing.