You have two ways to print wirelessly.

Email Your Document:

From a dorm or off campus you can send print jobs to an email and then release the print job (through follow-you) when you arrive on campus (you must use your address.) You will get an email to confirm your submission and sign in. Instructions are:

1. Email your document to one of the addresses below. (for B&W printing) (for Color printing)

2. When you get to a campus printer, swipe your card.

3. Your print jobs will be waiting for you to release.

Print jobs are available in the queue for 72 hours.

Print to the Wireless Print Queue (you must be on the Hollins or HollinsStudent WIFI network)

1. Go to http://hotspot2/cps/ in your browser and click PRINT

2. Enter your Hollins username and password. Click LOG IN

3. Click on Hollins-printing-bw for black and white or Hollins-printing-color for color.

4. Browse to the file you wish to print and upload.

5. Select the options you wish to change and enter the number of copies you would like to print. Click CONTINUE.

6. Your document has been submitted. Log in to any student printer on campus to retrieve your print job.

Print jobs are available in the queue for 72 hours.

Student printers: Dana 117, Dana Lobby, Library Coffee Commons, Library 2nd Floor, Library 3rd Floor, Pleasants 204, and Moody SGA.

Printing Policy Poster