Instructional Continuity

These pages are meant to be a resource to help instructors make the transition to an online learning environment. If you have any questions about Moodle, Zoom, or any other part of your instructional continuity plan, please contact Brad Oechslin at (540)362-6020 or


Hollins University uses Moodle as a learning management system. The Hollins Moodle server can be found at: If you are already familiar with Moodle, then feel free to continue onto the training resources for Zoom. If you are new to Moodle, then please visit our Moodle Basics page to learn how to request a Moodle course and enroll your students:

What is Zoom?

Hollins recommends “Zoom“, a teleconferencing application, as the best way to have online face-to-face or spoken conversations with your class. If you want to use Zoom, you can sign in at with your and password. Zoom can integrate directly with the Hollins Moodle server, giving you and your students easy access to your scheduled Zoom meetings. Adding Zoom functionality to your Moodle course is easy. You can watch the following video or read the written directions to learn how:

Video Tutorial on Integrating Moodle and Zoom:


If you would prefer written instructions for integrating Moodle and Zoom, then please click here:

Managing Zoom Recordings

If you choose to record your Zoom meetings and you have a licensed Zoom account, then you can choose to record ‘to the cloud’, which makes sharing your recorded meeting much simpler. Should you choose to do local recordings on your computer, Hollins University faculty, staff, and students have access to One Drive to store documents in the cloud and it’s a great place to store and share your recorded lectures. You can sign in at with your Hollins credentials ( and your regular password) and click on ‘One Drive’ to get started.

There is also a One Drive application for PC/Mac that will map your One Drive as a folder on your computer for easier access. It can be downloaded here: You may refer to the following document for more help using the One Drive application on a PC: Setting Up One Drive.

More Zoom Resources

Want to learn more about using Zoom? Zoom provides a collection of helpful video tutorials on their website:

Zoom FAQs: A step-by-step resource for faculty who prefer a document with screen shots to show them how to accomplish tasks using Zoom